{{Merge Fields}} for Staffing Calendar Invites

Event Cloud lets you customize the template that gets sent to your Staffing users. This article will cover the {{merge fields}} available within the Staffing module, so you can pull in individualized information into the email template.


{{Merge Fields}} for Staffers

{{Shift.Date}}  Date for the scheduled activity
{{Shift.Start_time}}  Start time for the staffing shift
{{Shift.End_time}}  End time for the staffing shift 
{{Event.Time_Zone}}  Time Zone for the event (PST, EST, etc.)
{{Title}}  Title of the scheduled activity
{{Comments}}  If there are Comments, this will include them.
{{StaffingBooth}}  Name of the Workgroup
{{StaffingLocation}}  Location for the scheduled activity
{{StaffingLocation.Area}}  If the Location has a sub-area, this will pull the Area. 
{{StaffingLocationCombined}} This will pull both the Location and Area name together.
{{Shift.Staffers}}  List all the staffers assigned to this staffing activity
{Staffer.first_name}}  First Name of the Staffer receiving the email
{{shift.breaks}}  Includes Staffer break times, separated by a semi-colon
{{Workgroup.Lead_Name}}  First and Last name of the Staffing Lead assigned to the Workgroup
{{Workgroup.Lead_Email}}  Email address of the Staffing Lead assigned to the workgroup
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