Sponsor Company Import Guide

In our help center article on Adding Sponsor Companies, we discussed the ins and outs of adding and managing your sponsor companies. But what if your event has dozens (or even hundreds) of sponsors to manage? Rather than adding sponsor companies one at a time, you can import them by creating and uploading a CSV file.

Creating the CSV file

To import sessions, you'll need to fill out a CSV file with all your sponsor company data. If this seems dauntingly tedious, don't worry! Event Cloud has a template spreadsheet to simplify the import process.

Note: Before importing your companies, make sure you've configured your custom fields and sponsor types

Some important things to keep in mind when creating your CSV file: 

  • The comma (,) is a reserved character, so please enclose any text that uses this character in quotations.
    • For example, if the company description is: VMware is fun, professional, and great! Make sure the text field reads "VMware is fun, professional, and great!"
  • The first row of Event Cloud's CSV file is the header row and the second row is an example. Do not delete the first two example rows in the template or change the order of the headers. Event Cloud's import feature needs them for the import to be successful; rest assured, the example rows will be ignored during the import.
  • For fields with multiple selections, each selection must be separated by a "|" with no spaces in between.
  • Beware of typos! If any values are entered into the spreadsheet incorrectly, the import will fail. This includes trailing spaces.
  • The size limit for the CSV file is 1.8GB.

The following table lists the most important fields included in Event Cloud's company import template. Please be mindful of the text restrictions for each field.

Company Name What's the company called? Any text can go here.
Description Detailed information about the sponsor company. Any text can go here.
Address Any text can go here.
City Any text can go here.
Phone Number Any text can go here.
State Any text can go here.
Country Any text can go here. 
Email Address Best contact email for the company. Any text can go here.
Post Code Any text can go here.
Products/Services If applicable. Can be multiple options.
Payment Received One of the following: Yes, No
Unique Registration Code Any text can go here.
Dates of Departure One of the following: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 
Dates of Arrival One of the following:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 
Category One of the following: Sponsor, Exhibitor
Type One of the following: Bronze, Diamond - ITA, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Exhibitor
Number of Employees One of the following: 1-19, 20-49, 50+
Contest & Promotion If applicable. Any text can go here.
Industry Can be multiple options.
Vertical Can be multiple options.
Company Header Any text can go here.
Booth Number Any text can go here.


Uploading the CSV file

From the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, click on Companies > Import Companies:

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal  
2. Click on Companies  companies.png
3. Click Import Companies importc.png

Choose File to find your CSV file, then click Import.

After clicking Import, you may be notified of specific errors within your CSV file. If so, please fix all errors and re-upload the file before proceeding.


With all of your sponsor data looking good, you'll be prompted to review your Sponsors & Exhibitors before saving them. 

Note: leave the "Save as Published" option unchecked.


If you are having trouble:

  • Make sure you have added CategoryType, and Company Name to your .csv
  • Make sure the drop-down or multi-select fields have the proper, exact matching choices: do the capital letters match? Is there a space after the word that shouldn't be there?
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