Adding Staff to a Company

When setting up your sponsors and exhibitors, you'll want to assign your staff to their respective companies. Before you do this, be sure to add the staff person as a user with the Expo role first. For more information, visit Adding a Single User.

From the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, click on Companies > All Companies:

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click on Companies  companies.png
3. Click All Companies  allcomp.png
4. Scroll or search for the company you'd like to edit. Click the company name companyname.png
5. Click Edit  Company_Edit_Button.png

Scroll to the Staff box. From there, you can search or use the scroll bar to find staff members and then use the add (+) or minus (-) buttons to add/remove them as needed.

You can also use the arrows next to the user's names to drag-and-drop to reorder how they appear on the Sponsor Details page in Schedule Builder. The user on the top of the list will be listed first (from left to right). 


Click Save when you're finished.

If you're ready to invite the Staff person in to edit company details, you can invite them individually.

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