Adding Custom Company Fields

We understand you want to identify your Sponsors & Exhibitors as thoroughly as possible. Event Cloud allows you to create Custom Company Fields for your companies.

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click Setup  setup1.png
3. Click Company Fields  fields.png
4. Click Add New Field  Add_New_Field_Button.png

Click on Add New Field in the top right corner:

From there, enter a Field Name and click save. When the page refreshes there will be a type of field. It should display (see example below).


Next, check whether or not the field can be used in search, as a filter, or requires approval. You can also set the Field Permissions for your new field.


When you're done, remember to click Save.

Admins have the ability to relabel the field "email me more information" to fit their event needs. (i.e. Contact me, Request a demo) This can be changed here (see image attached): "Email me more information" is a sponsor company field under Sponsor&Exhibitor>Set-up>Set-up properties Edit Company Fields

Note - Sponsor reports will still reflect the column "Email Me" not the relabeled field name

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