Configuring Sponsor Resource Upload Types

Event Cloud makes it easy to manage your Sponsor and Exhibitor resources! Your first step is to set up your acceptable file types, to make sure you're getting the right resources for your event.

This article will go over how to configure the Resource Types for file uploads from your Sponsor/Expo users.

1. Navigate to the Sponsor and Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click Setup set.png
3. Click Setup Properties  setupprop.png
4. Click Resource Type  rtype.png
5. Click Edit Details  Edit_Details_Button.png

From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a name for your resource, and then click the Add Resource Type button:

Next, add a Description and the Allowed File Extensions for the image. Separate your file extensions with a comma and no spaces, for example, .jpg,.png., etc.


When you're done, click the green Save button at the bottom of the page. After that, your Sponsors will have a new file type to select from when they go to upload a company resource.

Best Practices for Adding Links

When it comes to adding links to booths there are two ways to go about this:

  1. Using the provided fields for links
  2. If rich text descriptions are enabled, put the links into your description

At this time we do not support uploading saved HTML files to your company resources, as most web pages are not designed to be saved to a single HTML file and could have the following problems:

  • Pages are likely to have relative links to images, scripts, and styling which will cause them to display or function improperly
  • Any links living within the page will likely result in errors as most sites use relative links that will now point to Event Cloud storage servers
  • It is possible that downloadable HTML files will be detected as malicious content by firewall or antivirus products

While it is possible to upload these files, it is not advisable, and Event Cloud will not be able to provide any support for the content contained within the files themselves.

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