Managing Waves for Booth Selection

Event Cloud makes it easy for your sponsors to make booth selections. To do this, booth selection is done in  waves  - different time frames for companies to log in and request booth spaces. 

Creating a New Wave

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click Setup  set.png
3. Click Wave Setup  wavesetup.png

From here, you can create a new wave:


First, add a Name, Description, and Start Date (based on the time zone of the Event Cloud site and/or event).

Next, you'll want to add the Companies you wish to include in this particular wave. You can select multiple companies by holding down the CTRL button while clicking on the names of the companies with your mouse.

Optionally, you can select an End Date for the wave (also based on the time zone of the Event Cloud site and/or event). If you do not add an End Date, the wave will continue to be active indefinitely.

When you're finished, click Create Wave.

Editing a Wave

On the same Wave Setup page, scroll down past the Create New Wave area and notice the list of Existing Waves. To edit one, click the plus (+) icon next to the wave you'd like to edit:


From here, make any necessary changes. Unchecking the box next to Enabled will make the wave no longer visible to company staff, but its information will remain the same. You can also click the Delete button to permanently delete the wave. 

When you're finished, click Update Waves at the bottom of the screen.

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