Managing Approval Process for Sponsor Fields

Event Cloud offers the ability to set up an "approval process" for Sponsor fields. Your sponsors can add their information to the configured fields, which can then be approved or rejected before anything goes live. This gives you complete control over what is published for your Sponsors. 

Setting Up a Field for the Approval Process

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click on Setup: ClickSetup.png
3. Click on Company Fields: ClickCompanyFields.png
4. Check the box for Requires Approval next to the field you're looking for: ClickRequiresApproval.png
5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen when you're done. ClickSaveGrn.png

To learn more about creating fields, visit our article on Adding Custom Company Fields.

Managing Approval Process for Fields

1. Navigate to the Sponsor and Exhibitor Portal  
2. Click on Companies: ClickCompanies.png
3. Click on Company Changes: ClickCompanyChanges.png

4. Click on the Fields tab. From here, you can view the Change Requested column to view what changes have been made.


You can also click on the Status icon (far right) to Approve or Decline the field.



Managing Approval Process for Resources

1. From the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal, click on Companies: ClickCompanies.png
2. Click on Company Changes: ClickCompanyChanges.png
3. Navigate to the Resources tab: ClickResourcesTab.png

Click the Download link to review the resource before publishing or declining it.

In the Action column, you can Decline the resource or click Publish it to approve it.


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