Upload a Sponsor Floor Plan

Event Cloud lets you upload your own custom floor plan for sponsor booths. This article will go over formatting the correct file type and the steps involved with uploading the file into the site.

File Requirements

Please note that there are a handful of requirements for uploading floor plans that will ensure success:

  • The file must be a .DWG file type (version 2013 or earlier).
  • The booths need to be on their own layer.
  • Avoid adding objects to layer 0.
  • The booths need to be completely enclosed with Polyline/Rectangle objects. Do not use 'block' definitions for booths. (CAD 'blocks' are used to create repeated shapes. Blocks are different from creating individual booth Polyline/Rectangle shapes.)
  • Explode all other 'block' definitions. Block definitions create issues. For example, if all of the booths are included in a block definition, you will not be able to select a unique booth in Event Cloud once the floorplan has been imported.
  • The booth numbers need to be on their own layer.
  • All text in the drawing must be Text entities (try to avoid MText).
  • The booth numbers must be fully enclosed inside of the booths (especially the origin).
  • Other entities (stairs, doors, rooms, etc.) can go on other layers which can be turned on/off in the tool.
  • The floorplan in Event Cloud is generated using the model tab, not the layouts:modeltab.png

Uploading a New Floor Plan

1. Navigate to the Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal   
2. Click on Setup:  ClickSetup.png
3. Click Floor Plan ClickFloorPlan.png
4. Click Choose file. Select the desired file and click upload choosefiles.png
5. When you're finished, click Save. ClickSaveGrn.png

Note: uploading a new floor plan will overwrite the data of the previous file. If you already have reserved booths, that data will be deleted when you upload an updated floor plan.

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