Assigning Speaker Assistants

Speaker Assistants help ensure that the presentations of your event go smoothly. In Event Cloud, Speaker Assistants can be assigned to either Speakers or Sessions.

Assigning Speaker Assistants to Speakers

1. Navigate  to the Admin Portal   
2. Click Event  events.png
3. Click Setup Properties  setupprop.png
4. Click Event Options  eventoptions.png
5. Click Edit On the top right corner: Edit_Button.png
6. Scroll down to the Speakers section and notice the Associate Speakers Assistants setting. From here, you can select to associate Speaker Assistants with either Sessions or Speakers. For now, we're going to set this to Speakers. Click Save  spkr.png
7. After you click the Save button, go back to the main menu and click Users > All Users: mainmenu_.png

From the user grid, you'll need to find your Speaker Assistant. We recommend using the filter feature to filter users with the Speaker Assistant role:


Once you find the Speaker Assistant you wish to associate with a Speaker, click the User Details button next to their name.


Scroll down until you see the section titled Select Speakers that the Speaker Assistant is associated with. From here, you can add and remove speakers:


Click the Save button when you're finished.

Assigning Speaker Assistants to Sessions 

From the Admin portal, click on Event > Setup Properties > Event Options > Edit Details. From there, scroll down to the Speakers section. Under the Associate Speakers Assistants setting, select Sessions:

The process of assigning speaker assistance to sessions is similar to assigning them to speakers. 



After you click the Save button, go back to the main menu and click Sessions > All Sessions:

Find the Session you wish to associate with a Speaker Assistant to, and click on the Session Details button.


Scroll down until you see the Assistants section. From here, you can add and remove Speaker Assistants as you wish. The list of users that populate on the right will be the ones assigned to this particular session.


Click the Save button when you're finished.

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