Configuring User Resource File Types

User Resources is where you will direct your speakers to upload documents that pertain to their profiles. These are documents like formal headshots, speaker agreement forms, and speaker release forms. Please note that these resources do not appear in the Schedule Builder and are for admin reference only. 

There are several types of files, and you get to choose which types are allowed. You can also create your own file types.

How to Add File Types for User Resources

1. Navigate to the Admin Portal   
2. Click Event  events.png
3. Click Resources  resourcess.png
4. Click User Resource Types.  manage.png
5. Click Edit Edit_Button.png

From here, you can view/create all the resource file types your users will get to choose from. For example, let's say your users each need to upload a headshot image for their profiles.
In this case, we would type "Headshot Image" in the blank text field and click Add Resource Type.

Next, we'll fill in the appropriate details for the Description, Allowed File Extensions, and Is Image fields.

For Allowed File Extensions, separate each extension with a comma, but do not put a space between each extension. Since this particular file is a headshot image, we'll make sure the box for Is Image is checked. Once you check this box, click on the and in the display to set the minimum width and height (in pixels) for the image to be uploaded.


Click Save when you're finished. After that, you'll notice your new resource type in the list:


Your speakers will now be able to upload resources of this file type to their profiles. This is what it will look like for them when they go to upload a user resource:

Note: if this process is not complete, the File Type drop-down will be empty and speakers will not be able to upload a user resource.

To see how speakers upload resources, check out this article.

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