Lock Grading

In order to officially close grading, you may choose to lock the grading capabilities within your Event Cloud site.  After grading is locked, Graders will be able to view their grading progress, but will no longer be able to make edits.

Tip: Once you have locked grading, you may want to consider updating the messaging on the Grader Dashboard to let them know that grading is now closed.  For more information, check out our article on Updating Dashboards.

Lock Grading on Your Site

1. From the Admin portal, click on Event mceclip0.png
2. Click on Setup Properties. mceclip1.png
3. Click on the Event Options tab. mceclip2.png
4. Click edit details in the upper-right corner. mceclip3.png
5. Under the Grading setting, make sure Lock Grading responses is checked. mceclip4.png
6. Click Save in the upper-right corner when you're finished. mceclip5.png
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