Adding a Grader to a Session

As an Admin, you can add as many graders as you need to each session. Users must have "Grader" selected as one of their roles to be added as a Grader to a Session.

For more info on adding users, check out our articles on Adding Users to Event Cloud.

Adding a Grader to a Session

1. From the Admin portal, click on Sessions mceclip1.png
2. Click on All Sessions mceclip2.png
3. Scroll, filter, or search for the name of the session you're looking for. mceclip3.png
4. When you find your session, click the Session Details icon next to its title. mceclip4.png
5. On the Session Details page, scroll down to the Graders box. Grader_Users.png
6. From here, you can use the add (+) and minus (-) buttons to add/remove Graders from the session as needed. Adding_Graders_Icons.png
7. When you're finished, click Save in the upper-right corner. mceclip8.png



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