Send Invite Email to a Single User

Sometimes you need to invite just one more person. Or, sometimes a person you've already invited needs to have their invitation email resent.

This article will teach you how to send an invitation email to a single person.

Please keep in mind that the user settings may not be exactly the same depending on where the user is in the login process. For more information, view our Login Troubleshooting for Admin article.

Sending an Invite Email to a Single User

1. From the Admin module, click on Users: ClickUsers.png
2. Click All Users: ClickAllUsers.png
3. Use the search box to find the user, or scroll until you find their name. Next, click the user's User Details icon: creed.png

4. Click the Invite User button in the top-right corner:


Note: If a user has already logged in, you won't see this Invite User button. Instead, you will see a button for Unlink Login (to learn more, see our article on resetting a user account).


5. After you click Invite Email, a pop-up window will appear with the email text. When you are ready to send the invitation email, click Invite User.


An email will be sent to the person within the minute.

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