Session Locations Guide

Similar to Session Time Slots, Session Locations are used for scheduling your event's sessions. Adding Session Locations is a crucial preliminary step in scheduling your event's content. 

For virtual events with sessions that take place outside of Event Cloud (such as a Zoom meeting), it is a best practice to use the Join Online URL field to provide access to attendees. 

Note: Session Locations are different from Meeting Locations.

Creating a Session Location

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Locations seshloc.png
3. Select All Locations alllocs.png
4. Select Add Session Location mceclip1.png
5. From here, add all relevant details about your session location: Location Name, Details, Description (optional), and Capacity. If you're unsure of the exact capacity, you can just select an arbitrarily high number. create_session_location.PNG


Please note that if you are creating a session location for a virtual event, you can add a clickable hyperlink to the location's name. For more information on how to do this please visit this article.

Click Save when you're finished.

Editing a Session Location

Once you've created your session locations, you can make edits at any time.

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Locations seshloc.png
3. Select All Locations alllocs.png
4. Click on the Location Name of the location you wish to edit (keep in mind, Session Locations are different from Meeting Locations). mceclip2.png
5. Next, you'll be guided to the session location's details, which you can edit freely.  mceclip0.png


Scroll to the bottom and click Save.


Assigning a Location to a Session (Inline Editing)

Once you add your locations, you can assign them to multiple sessions at once via inline editing.


1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select All Sessions all_sesh.png
4. Scroll or use the search bar to find the title of the session you're looking for and find the Location column next to it. If you can't find the Location column, don't worry - you may just need to adjust your Session Summary View Settings. mceclip5.png
5. When you click the location a drop-down menu will show a list of the locations you've created. Select the necessary location for that session and continue adding/editing locations on that page as needed. mceclip4.png

When you're finished, click Save in the top right corner.

Selecting Session Location on a Session Details page

Now that your session location is created, it can be selected as the location for sessions by navigating to the session edit page via the left menu in the Admin portal.

1. On the left navigation menu click on Sessions. left_nav_sesh.png
2. Click on All Sessions. all_sesh.png
3. Find desired Session and click on the session details icon (magnifying glass and document). Session_Details.png
4. Scroll to the bottom, locate the Location field and select your location from the drop-down. Session_Location_Dropdown.png

When you're finished, click Save in the top right corner.

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