Video Visibility Settings

Session videos are an important part of your event, and as an admin, you have several options for setting up video visibility. This guide will walk you through what each setting does so that you can decide the best way to bring your event to life.

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select All Sessions all_sesh.png
4. Filter for Session  
5. Click the Session Details icon. Sesh_details.png
6. Select the Manage Video tab manage_video.png

Under the Manage Video tab, you will find several options for setting your video's visibility. 


Let's break down what each option does:

1. Not Visible: Hides the video player completely. This remains the same no matter what is selected on the right side of the Video Player Display. mceclip2.png
2. Visible + Always Show: Displays the video all the time. mceclip3.png
3. Visible + During Session Time Slot: Displays a countdown in the space where the video will appear when it is the scheduled session time.  mceclip5.png

4. Visible + Custom Time: Displays countdown until the custom time is reached. Useful for countdowns that are built into the video itself that should be displayed prior to the session time. 

Note: You may see additional options here, such as User playback sync or autoplay


Example of what the video countdown will look like the inside of Event Cloud.


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