How to Embed Vimeo Livestream in Event Cloud

1) Navigate to the Event URL in Vimeo. For example*0

2) Select the share icon as shown below:



3) Select the embed code and copy it into Word, Notepad, or a text editor:



4) Copy the Vimeo Player ID from the Embed code. This is the portion of the URL after the video/ and will be a numeric-only id. The image below shows the id highlighted in yellow. Please note that part of the ID has been hidden to protect the privacy of this video.



5) After retrieving this ID, you can insert it into Event Cloud using the Vimeo option in the manage video tab. Please see this article for more information.


Please note: Vimeo creates a new player ID each time the live stream is started or stopped. Vimeo then converts your live stream video to a video-on-demand.

While Vimeo reads the event ID inside of its site and generates a new player associated with that event ID, Event Cloud reads the specific player ID. After you stop a live stream, Event Cloud will continue showing that player ID and will show the video recording on-demand of the live stream. This means that if you test your live stream, you will need to repeat this process to get a new player ID.

If you plan to use a single event in Vimeo for multiple sessions, it is a best practice to instead create multiple events, so that you can pre-generate the player ID for each session as shown above.


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