Generate an Invite URL with Custom Emails

In order for your users to access Event Cloud, you'll need to send them a custom invite link. This link is what allows them to create a password to log in.

Usually, these invite links are generated via the Invite Email tool. However, you can use Custom Emails to generate them too.

Note: we recommend reviewing our article on Custom Emails first.

Generate Invite URL

You can generate a unique invite email for your users by using a "merge field" in the invite link. Merge fields will pull in data wherever you place them. 

Let's break down this example invite link:


  1. This is the base Event Cloud domain. This does not change.
  2. This is where you place the merge field. Make sure it looks like this:
    • ?id={{InviteToken}}
  3. This is the eventId. This ID will be the Scope associated with the event.
  4. This is the eventURL. This also remains the same for the entirely of the event. This URL is the same URL as what you use to access the Event Cloud site.

The easiest way to generate this URL is to copy an invite URL that has already been sent from the system. From the Event Cloud site, send yourself a test invite email. Copy the hyperlink that comes from the "Click here" link, and you'll see something very similar to the screenshot above. 

Here's what an unmodified Invite link looks like when it's copied directly from a Event Cloud email:

Pay close attention to where it says ?id=  - the string of numbers and letters after this is what we want to modify.


We need to change this to:


This will pull in the appropriate "token" for that specific user. This merge field will only work from the Custom Email tool. If used outside of the Custom Email tool, it will not function as a "merge field". 

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