Enabling the Attendee Tab for Sessions

The connection among your attendees is important, which is why Event Cloud tries to encourage networking among attendees whether the event is virtual or not. As a result, your users are able to view other users that have added specific sessions to their schedules. 

Please note, the attendees must have Show my profile in the community, Share my schedule, and Enable attendee to attendee message checked under their profile to appear in the Attendee tab. For more information on these profile settings, please see our article User Privacy Settings.

Enabling the tab in Session Details

1.  Navigate to the Admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select All Sessions all_sesh.png
4. Click the Session Details icon. Sesh_details.png

5. Scroll to where it says Session Management. Enable Show Attending Users. Be sure to save your changes!


Please note: "Allow attendees to add or remove from schedule" or "Mandatory" must be checked to check the Show Attending Users option.


Now users can be found as attendees of that session within the Schedule Builder!

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