How to Utilize the Join Online URL Button

While the option to have videos embedded on Event Cloud session pages is nice, sometimes you may want to direct users outside of the site. The most common example would be sessions that use virtual conferencing platforms.

Please note that any location put into the Join Online URL will require the attendee to add the session to their schedule in order to see the "Join Online Meeting" link.

Finding the Join Online URL Button

First, it is important to know where users will access this link. When you are on a session page, you will see the link under the session location and below the session description.


It is also helpful to know where to edit the link itself. As an Admin, you are able to edit the URL link by following the steps below.

1. Begin in the "Admin" portal mceclip0.png
2. On the left navigation menu select Sessions. left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select All Sessions. all_sesh.png
4. Find desired Session and click on the Session Details Icon (magnifying glass and document). Sesh_details.png

5. Scroll down until you see the Join Online URL (typically near the bottom of the page). Insert the URL of the page or Zoom meeting link for the viewer to be directed to when clicking on the link.


Note: The URL must include https://



Editing the Join Online URL Button

Now that you have the URL in place and know where it will appear on the page, there are a couple of ways you can edit it.

It is best practice to keep this ‘Session Join Online URL Text’ wording generic.

Under certain conditions, this text will also be used as the link text for meeting locations in the My Schedule and meeting confirmation pages.

For example, setting this to a non-generic term like "Attend Session Live" could cause confusion for Attendees when looking for the link to attend their upcoming meetings.

1. From the Admin Portal, click on Event: Event.jpg
2. Select Setup Properties: Setup_Properties.jpg
3. Go to the Event Options tab: EventOptions.jpg
4. Click the Edit details button: Edit_deails_button.jpg
5. Scroll down until you reach the Join Online URL option.  
6. This option is how you want the link to appear when it is required for the session to be added to your schedule before gaining access to the URL. mceclip0.png
7. Next, you can edit exactly what the link will display. For example, the default is simply "Join Online", but you can edit it to "Join Zoom Room" or "Join the Session Here". mceclip1.png
8. By default, selecting the link will open a new tab but if you would like the user to remain in the same tab you can enable this feature here. mceclip2.png

9. Hit the "Save" button to finalize your changes.

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