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In all likelihood, your event is going to be attended by many people with varied roles. There will be people who attend your event specifically to speak during a presentation, who we commonly refer to as speakers. There will be people managing all that goes into the execution and preparation of those sessions, typically referred to as session owners. On top of that, you're going to expect many attendees who come to your event to schedule informative meetings with your staff and learn as much as they can.


Managing several hundred (or thousand) users with varied sets of responsibilities may seem like a tall task. Event Cloud provides tools to mitigate confusion and make for a seamless user management experience. As an Admin, adding users to your site is one of the first steps you'll take to prepare for your event. Once you add users to your site, you will be able to send them email invitations to join and set up their profiles.

Note: Do not duplicate users. Duplicate users can impact a person's ability to sign into Event Cloud. 


Add a Single User


1. Navigate to the Admin portal.  
2. Select Users mceclip0.png
3. Select Add Users mceclip1.png

4. From here, you can add the user's information. The required fields are: Attendee IDFirst Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Role.

  • Attendee ID must be a unique set of characters for each User and can be arbitrary. We recommend using a standard convention, such as a combination of the unique part of your event URL plus the user's first two letters of both their first and last name (i.e. EVENTCLOUDDEMOJADO, EVENTCLOUDDEMOJOSM; EVENTCLOUDDEMOPHWI).
  • Each user must have a unique email address.
  • A single user may have multiple roles; no additional accounts need to be created.



5. When you're finished entering the user's details, click Save. After that, you can confirm that the user exists in Event Cloud, by searching for them under Users > All Users mceclip0.png


Need to import multiple users at once? Check out our User Import Guide.



How to Edit a User Profile


1. Navigate to the Admin portal


2. Click Users


3. Select All Users

4. From here, you can locate the user by filtering, scrolling, or searching. Edit their profile by clicking the Edit User (pencil) icon next to their name. mceclip3.png
5. From here, you can update any of the user's information. When you're finished, click Save. mceclip0.png



How to Delete a User


If any of your users are no longer participating in your event, you can delete their account from Event Cloud at any time.

WARNING: Deleting a user from Event Cloud is permanent, so be cautious when deleting users. If you aren't sure, you can disassociate the user from any session, which will remove their access to that session.

1. Navigate to the Admin portal.  
2. Click on Users  mceclip0.png
3. Click All Users mceclip2.png
4. From here, you can locate the user by filtering, scrolling, or searching. In this example, we're going to scroll and find our user. Once we find them, we'll click on the User Details (paper/magnifying glass) icon next to their name userdetails.png
5. In the top right corner, click the Delete User button. mceclip1.png
6.  After you delete your user, a notification will appear on the next page. Capture.PNG



Inline Editing Users


An alternative, quicker way to edit user information is by making inline edits within the user grid. To do so, just click on any field you'd like to edit. mceclip4.png

Once you make any changes, a green Save button will appear in the top right corner. Remember to save your changes!

Please note that in-line editing does not add or update data, it replaces data entirely.



How to Bulk Edit Users


Event Cloud supports bulk editing to help you make changes to multiple users at once.

1. Navigate to the Admin portal.  
2. Click on Users mceclip0.png
3. Click All Users mceclip2.png
4. Notice the check-boxes on the left portion of the grid. You can use them to select a handful of users, or all of your users at once.



5. After you've selected your users, navigate to one of those users and click a single cell within the field column you'd like to edit. Making an edit in this column will update that field for all the users you've selected.


We clicked into the Industry field here.

6. Once you've entered an edit for your selected users, you'll be prompted with a confirmation window. Keep in mind that all previous data in this field will be overwritten with the update, so be cautious when bulk editing! mceclip3.png
7. Notice that all selected users have been updated. Continue making as many changes to your users as necessary and click Save when you're finished. mceclip4.png
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