Adding a Session Type

When adding a session, you're required to add a Session Type. Session Types can be general names such as "Breakout" for sessions and "Breaks" for meals, or they can be more detailed names like "Panel Discussion" or "Roundtable."

Adding a Session Type

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select Session Type seshtypes.png
5. Click Add Session Type mceclip0.png
6. From here, add a Name for your Session Type. mceclip3.png
7. Evaluation Start Time allows you to modify when you want the session evaluation to become available to attendees.  evalstart.png
8. Evaluation End Date refers to the last date evaluations will be available for attendees. If you're not using Event Cloud evaluations, you can simply select the last date of your event. For more information on evaluations, you can read about setting up evaluations, adding questions, and how to control evaluation start times. mceclip4.png
9. Enabling Allow Presentation Download allows presentations to be downloaded in the schedule builder. mceclip5.png
10. Enabling Allow View Attachments lets attendees view attachments in schedule builder. mceclip6.png
11. Allow Watch Video must be toggled on for session videos to be viewed. mceclip7.png
12. Enable Capacity Validation will allow attendance capacities to be set for sessions in schedule builder. mceclip8.png
13. Enabling Shown in Filters will allow this Session Type to be used as a session filter. mceclip9.png
13. Enabling Custom roles allowed to attend limits which users are allowed to attend sessions of this type. mceclip10.png


When you're finished, click Save.



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