Custom Roles with Sessions

Custom Roles can be used to manage user access to certain sessions. As an Admin, you can configure sessions to only be visible to users with a specific Custom Role. This restriction can be placed on the Session or Session Type level, which means certain users will either be limited to viewing specific sessions or all sessions that fall under a specific category.

Please note, restricting access with custom roles will not remove add or remove sessions from a user's calendar. If a user has added a session to their calendar before applying custom role restrictions, that session will persist on the calendar. It is a best practice to set up custom roles when publishing session

Custom Roles with Individual Sessions

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select All Sessions all_sesh.png
4. Filter for Session  
5. Click the Session Details icon. Sesh_details.png
6. On the Session Details page, scroll down until you see the field Custom roles allowed to attend. From here, you can add or remove custom roles who are allowed to attend your session. mceclip0.png

When you're done, click Save in the top right corner:

Custom Roles with Session Types

Alternatively, you can make it so Custom Roles are restricted to certain Session Types.

1. Navigate to the admin module  
2. Select Sessions left_nav_sesh.png
3. Select Session Type seshtypes.png
4. From here, click on the name of the Session Type you would like to restrict based on Custom Role.  mceclip1.png
5. Navigate to the Custom roles allowed to attend the setting. Clicking inside the text box will show you a list of the Custom Roles in your event (to learn how to create a Custom Role, visit our help center article on User Roles in Event Cloud). mceclip2.png

Select as many Custom Roles as you'd like. After clicking Save, the users with the Custom Roles you selected will be able to attend this particular session.

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