Profile Fields Guide


Standard Profile Fields


Event Cloud includes a variety of Standard Fields to help identify your users. As an Admin, you have the ability to adjust each field's permissions: which fields are required to be filled out? Which fields are view-only, and by what kind of user?

1. Navigate to the Admin Portal  
2. Click User userssnip.png
3. Click Profile Fields  profilefields.png

From here, you can view all the Standard Fields for your event. Not all fields are required; it may be more important for you to gather information on some fields than others.

The icons to the right of each field refer to that field's permissions. Please note that for each of these fields, you can change the permissions for each type of user individually. For more information on setting these, check out our Field Permissions Guide.

If you would like to make a standard field a required field, simply select the * next to the field name. 


Please note the following character limits on each Standard Field

Field Character Limit

First Name

Last Name 255
Job Title 255
Company 255
Interests 1000
Industry 1000
Email Address 255
Twitter 255
LinkedIn 1000
Twitter 255
Facebook 255
Blog 255



Custom Profile Fields

In addition to standard fields, Event Cloud supports custom profile fields that allow you to collect any information above and beyond the standard fields that are important to you and your organization.

1. From Users > Profile Fields, scroll to the bottom and click Add new field mceclip0.png

2. From here, select your Field Type, enter a Field Title, and select Yes for the Visible and Searchable settings

Please note that in order for your custom field to be used as a filter in places like the community page it must meet the following requirements: 

  • The profile field must be a Multi-Select List or Radio List.
  • Plain text, Drop Down, Nested Lists, and Multi-line Text will not appear as filters on the community page.
  • The profile field must be both Visible and Searchable

3. After you have selected your field type and title, you can select the field permissions for your new custom field. As a reminder, you can always make adjustments on these later


4. When you're finished, click Save. Your new custom field should now appear under your event's profile fields.



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