Impersonate a User


Impersonating allows you to view your event portal from the perspective of one of your users. As an admin, this feature is particularly useful when it comes to diagnosing issues your users may be experiencing.

Please note: a user must have first logged in to the site before you will be able to impersonate them. It is also suggested that any impersonating should be done in a private browser in an attempt to avoid any caching issues. If you are unfamiliar with the process, this article may be helpful: How to Open an Incognito Window and Clear the Browser Cache

1. Navigate to the Admin portal  
2. Click Users  users.png
3. Click All Users  allusers.png
4. Find the user you want to impersonate. Use the search bar or filter for narrowing down users.
Click the user details icon. 
5. Right-click the Impersonate button and open in an Incognito window impersonate.png
6. Enter your admin login credentials  yourlog.png


You are now impersonating this user. If your user has multiple roles (i.e. session owner and track owner), you can view their Event Cloud site specifically from one of their roles by switching modules in the top left corner.

To stop impersonating the user and return to your own account, you'll need to log out and log back in with your own credentials. 

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