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Event Cloud's community page is a searchable list of the users registered on your site. The community page is a great way to promote and drive attendee engagement with sponsors, experts, speakers, and other attendees, especially in a virtual environment! Users can search for other attendees in a variety of ways, view their profile, their speaking engagements (if applicable), and even schedule meetings directly from their profile page. To access the community page, log into the schedule builder portal and click on Community in the navigation menu.

Please note that only users who have Show profile in the community enabled in their user privacy settings will appear on the community page.

Setting Up The Community Page

Event Cloud's default setting is to display the community page on the schedule builder portal. If for some reason you do not want the community page to be visible, you can turn it off in your event settings. To do this follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Admin portal and navigate to: Event > Setup Properties > Event Options




2. From here you can click Edit details in the top right corner of the page mceclip0.png
3. Scroll down to the Schedule Builder heading mceclip1.png
4. Check the box next to Disable Community disable_community.png
5. Click the save button either near the top right or at the bottom of the page mceclip2.png

Again, please remember that only users with the proper privacy settings will appear on the community page.

Adding Filters to the Community Page

You can set up a variety of custom profile fields that allow users to search, filter, and find other users in any way you see fit. In the example below, you can see that we have created the custom profile fields of "Industry/field", "Expertise", and "Level of Education". This allows your attendees to find and connect with the people they are interested in!

For more information on custom profile fields, please check out our help article Profile Fields Guide.

In schedule builder, the community page will look like this:




You can filter users by: 

1. Clicking the "filter" button near the upper right side


2. Selecting a custom filter or searching for their name








Please note that in order for any custom profile fields to appear as filters on the community page, they must have met the following requirements:

  • The profile field must be a Multi-Select List, Drop Down, or Radio List.
  • Plain text, Nested Lists, and Multi-line Text will not appear as filters on the community page.
  • The profile field must be both Visible and Searchable

For more information on how to set up profile fields, you can visit our profile fields guide.


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