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We understand how important feedback is to you. Event Cloud allows you to create custom evaluation questions for each session type so that attendees can evaluate their sessions. Please note that in order for an evaluation to become available to an attendee, the specific session must be added to their schedule.

Creating Session Evaluation Questions

 Please note that Event Cloud manages evaluation questions by session type and not individual sessions. 

1. Navigate to the Admin module  
2. Select Evaluations evals.png
3. Select the Session Type mceclip0.png

From here, you can add as many evaluation questions as you need, and group them into different sections to offer different instructions or requirements for each set of questions.

1. Each section or group of questions hasHeader Text that you can edit by clicking on the pencil icon. The header text is a great place to provide instructions for answering evaluation questions. To save your header text, click on the green check box next to the pencil icon. mceclip1.png
2. To add a question click on the Add Question button, and fill out your question. You can select from a variety of response types, and even make a question required by checking the Required box. After you are finished, make sure you click Done. mceclip2.png
3. If you select Drop Down, Radio List, or Multi-Select List, you must provide all answer options as one line each in the Options box. mceclip3.png

Click Done when you're finished.

Adding A New Section

To add a new section or group of questions, simply click on the Add Section button. A new box will appear, and you can edit the header text for this section, and add questions as shown above.


Please note that adding or removing questions for a session type will impact every session listed under that session type. Click here for more information about adding and managing session types.

Finally, you must enable "Can Be Evaluated" in each individual session for a session type in order for that session to be evaluated.

Adding Event Evaluation Questions

1. Navigate to the Admin module  
2. Select Evaluations evals.png
3. Select the Event option. Proceed to create questions just like with session evaluations. mceclip0.png
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