How to Rotate User Profile Pictures


Sometimes user profile pictures appear sideways when uploaded, when they were under the impression it was going to be vertical.

The cause of this is usually because the photo was taken on a mobile device in portrait mode. When that happens, the image file itself is technically horizontal. Since Event Cloud's photo editor takes images as they are, the resulting profile picture ends up being horizontal.

So, how do we fix this?

Downloading the User Profile Picture from Event Cloud

There is a handy trick we can use to download the user's profile picture.

1. From the Admin portal, navigate to Users > All Users



2. Find the user by using the search bar or filter for narrowing down users, then click the user details icon.  imper.png
3. On the user details page, right-click the profile picture and select "Copy image as link" copyimageaslink.png
4. Paste the copied link into your browser to view the standalone image and save it to your PC. After you have the image copied or saved, you can move on to rotating the picture. mceclip1.png


Rotating the Picture

1. Paste (Ctrl+V) the image into an editor. We will use paint here, but other editors should have a similar feature. mceclip6.png
2. Click Rotate and select Rotate 90° in the direction of your choosing. rotate.png
3. Save the picture via File > Save or Save As saveas.png

Uploading the Image

1. Head back to the User's details page and click Edit edit.png
2. Click Update Photo updatephoto.png
3. Find and select your photo using the file explorer, then adjust the size of the frame and click OK. ok.png
4. Click Save (either near the top right or at the bottom of the user details page) to save your changes. mceclip8.png


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