Event Site - Quick Setup Guide

To get started, you'll need to add the most important information about your event to your site.

Event Details

1. From the Admin portal, click on Event: ClickEvent.png
2. Click Setup Properties:  ClickSetUpProperties.png
3. You're now viewing your Event Details. To edit them, navigate to the top right corner and click Edit: Edit_Button.png

You're required to edit the following fields in your event's Setup Properties:

  • Time Zone in which the event will take place
  • The event's Start and End Date
  • Event Description
  • Admin Email
    • Admins are event coordinators who are available to answer event-specific questions, like questions about the venue, reservations, decisions about proposals, etc.


The rest of the fields in the event setup are optional. However, we recommend updating your site logo and favicon for a better user experience. (See this article for logo best practices)

At the very bottom of the Event Details, you'll notice a field titled Invite User Admin Email. If applicable, this email will belong to a person who will specifically manage your event's invite emails.

The email address you enter here will be the address from which your invite emails will send. By default, users will see their invite emails come from eventsupport@hubb.me. This email address is also BCC'd on all individual invite emails that are sent from the system. You have the option to enable BCC on bulk invite emails as well.

When you are done, don't forget to click Save:




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