Get User Custom Field Data from the API

Event Cloud offers Custom Fields for both Sessions and Users. This article will go over how to get a User Custom Field data from the API using the /Users endpoint.

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Getting User Custom Field Data

Use this recommended API call:

GET https://ngapi.hubb.meapi/v1/[eventId]/Users?$expand=PropertyValues/PropertyMetadata

Here's an example of the returned data:


The PropertyMetadata object gives information about the Custom Field itself.

  • Custom Field Title - "Title"
  • Field options - "Options"
  • The type of field - "FieldType"

The PropertyValues object gives information about the Custom Field data for the user.

  • The "Value" field will give you the value for this specific user.
    • In the example, it's "No"

You are also able to run the query with only PropertyValues, as shown below:

GET https://ngapi.hubb.meapi/v1/[eventId]/Users?$expand=PropertyValues

This will not return the information about the Custom Field, but rather the User's value for the field.

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