Configuring Attendee Scheduling Conflict Allowances for Waitlists and Capacity Validated Sessions

Event Cloud's schedule builder tool allows attendees to easily view and manage their schedules, from scheduling meetings to adding available sessions to their calendars. But what happens if an attendee tries to schedule two things at the same time? If your event is using Capacity Validation and Waitlisting for sessions, you can configure your event settings to handle potential attendee scheduling conflicts in a variety of ways. Please note that Event Cloud currently allows scheduling conflict allowances to be managed for capacity validated sessions only.

Access/Edit the Settings for Scheduling Conflict Allowances

1. Navigate to the Admin Portal and click on Event:  ClickEvent.png
2. Click Setup Properties:  ClickSetUpProperties.png
3. Click the Event Options tab: ClickEventOptions.png
4. Click Edit in the top right corner: editbutton.JPG

5. Scroll down to the "Schedule Builder" heading as shown and edit the scheduling conflict allowances:


The options for controlling scheduling conflicts are:

  • Allow capacity validated sessions to conflict in the user's schedule: Selecting this box will allow users to add conflicting sessions to their schedule. Leaving this box unchecked will prevent users from adding conflicting, capacity-validated sessions to their schedule.

  • When scheduling, automatically swap new sessions for conflicting sessions:
    When this setting is enabled if a user already has a session on their schedule that is not capacity validated, and they add a capacity validated session to their schedule the older session without validation restrictions will be removed.

  • Which sessions should conflict with session waitlisting? Selecting "all" will prevent a user from adding any conflicting session to their schedule if they are on a waitlist for another session. Selecting "Capacity Validated Sessions" will only prevent users from adding conflicting sessions if the session they are trying to add is capacity validated.

  • Selecting "None" will allow users to add any session to their schedule even if they are on a waitlist for another session.

    If you would like to 
5. Click Save when you are done:  Save.png




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