Password Settings

As an event admin, you have the ability to configure password requirements for everybody who logs into your event site. 

Email/Password setting fields defined:

  • Incorrect Password Limit determines the amount of times a user is able to enter an incorrect password before a lockout happens (0 or blank is unlimited).
  • Incorrect Password User Lockout Length determines the length in minutes of time a lockout will last (0 or blank is unlimited).
  • User passwords cannot match the previous "N" amount of passwords determines the number of unique passwords required before a user is able to recycle a previously used password.

To locate and edit password configuration settings:

Beginning in the Admin portal, 1._admin.png
Select Event. 2._event.png
Next, select Setup Properties. 3._setup_properties.png
Next, choose Event Options. 4._event_options.png
Select Edit details to modify the fields. 5._edit_details.png
Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to locate the Email/Password Settings fields. You may now modify the variables as desired. 6._email_settings.png
Finally, after making your modifications, select Save. 7._save.png


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