How to Enable Formatted Text in Session Descriptions

As an Event Admin, you have the power to allow Formatted Text in Session Descriptions. 

When this is enabled, Admins or content teams can now add rich text (bold, italic, etc.) to their event descriptions when creating or editing an event. This setting carries over to the attendee view in Schedule Builder. 

Enabling The Formatted Text Option

1. Navigate to the Admin portal.  
2. Click on Event: ClickEvent.png
3. Click Setup Properties: ClickSetUpProperties.png
4. Click on the Event Options tab: ClickEventOptions.png
5. From here, click the Edit button: Edit_Button.png
6. Under General you will find the setting to toggle on/off "Allow session descriptions to have formatted text (bold, underline, etc)":  AllowSessionsToHave_ForrmattedTextOption.png
7. Click Save:  Save.png

You now have the power to add rich text to event descriptions when creating or editing an event. Please note: in this editor the addition of HTML, such as links, is not available.


For more information on the WYSIWYG editor please click HERE.



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