Turning On Event Evaluations

Evaluation questions can be added at any time prior to the event. In order to make evaluations available to attendees, Admins will need to turn on evaluations for the event.

1. From the Admin portal, click on Event: ClickEvent.png
2. Click Setup Properties: ClickSetUpProperties.png
3. Click on the Event Options tab: ClickEventOptions.png
4. Click the Edit button in the top-right corner: Edit_Button.png
5. In the Schedule Builder section, be sure the Enable Event Evaluation box is checked: EnableEventEvaluation.png
6. Click the Save button:  Event_Properties_Save_Button.png

Attendees will now be able to evaluate your event! Now, go add some Evaluation Questions.


Please note:

In Schedule Builder, Evaluations will display according to their Session ID. If Evaluations are requested to display in a specific order, an Event Cloud Admin must create the Sessions in the order in which they should appear in Schedule Builder. The Evaluations will appear in Schedule Builder in ascending order, with the smallest Session ID displaying first.





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