Using the "Links" field in the Sessions Endpoint

One of the data fields that Event Cloud offers in the Sessions endpoint of the API is called "Links." This field is intended to house links to web pages that relate to the Session in some way. 

For example, you can place a link to a youtube video or additional resource in the Links field.

Now, let's take a closer look at how this will appear in the API.

"Links" field in the API

You can find the Links field in the Sessions endpoint:


Use this call to see only the Links data returned in the API feed:



Here is an example of the returned data:

"Links": ""


Although this field is intended to be for URL links, it is not restricted to URLs exclusively. This field is a free-form HTML field used to display links to resources outside of Event Cloud.

Since this is an HTML field, it can be used for other purposes besides strictly URLs. However, if you are using this field outside of the intended functionality, please check with any other software providers who might be using our API to ensure that they are configuring the consumption of our API correctly. 

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