How to Enable Pending Speaker Functionality

When organizing an event and managing your content, you may find that you have speakers that you may not have fully vetted yet, and you do not wish to extend a speaker invitation or assign them to a session just yet. The Pending Speaker Functionality allows you to enter these individuals without the need to continuously filter and manually remove individuals as you send out speaker invites leading up to your event.

The pending speaker is often used in conjunction with Hubb's "Call For Papers" product.

Please note that if "Enable Pending Speaker" is toggled to on, users with ONLY the speaker role MUST be associated with an Accepted Session in order to be invited and gain access to Hubb. If the speaker is not speaking but is attending the event, the Attendee role may override this as well. 


Enable Pending Speaker Functionality

1. Click on Event. Event.jpg
2. Select Setup Properties. Setup_Properties.jpg
3. Go to the Event Options tab. EventOptions.jpg
4. Click the Edit details button. Edit_deails_button.jpg
5. Scroll down and check Enable Pending Speaker Functionality pendingspeakers.jpg

6. Hit the Save button to finalize your changes.


Once saved, the user's profile will now show as pending as shown below.




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