User Privacy Settings


All users within Event Cloud have the ability to control their privacy settings within their profiles. As an admin, you also have the ability to change user settings through their details page. We will break down the different settings and their functions below.


1. Navigate to the Admin portal


2. Click Users


3. Select All Users

4. From here, you can locate the user by filtering, scrolling, or searching. Edit their profile by clicking the Edit User (pencil) icon next to their name. User_Edit_Icon.png
5. Scroll to the bottom of the user details page to find the section titled Privacy Settings.  mceclip1.png
6. The first option, Send me email notifications, means that users such as Speakers opt to have email updates be sent to the email they have on their account. Attendees do not need to have this checked to receive invites, add sessions to their personal schedule, or receive meeting invites. mceclip2.png
7. The Show my profile in the community option would need to be checked to not only show user profiles in the community but to appear in Sponsor & Exhibitor booths and Gamification leaderboards as well. mceclip3.png
8. Allow other people to request meetings with me must be checked for an account to appear for other attendees to request meetings. This also needs to be marked to receive meeting invites to the email tied to the account. Please note: Show my profile in the community must be checked first for this to be an option, and Meetings must be enabled in Event Setup Properties. mceclip7.png
9. If your event has Attendee to Attendee chat enabled, this will be an option under privacy settings. This allows attendees to find profiles for direct messaging. mceclip6.png
10. The last option, Share my Schedule, will allow the sessions that you added to your schedule to appear under your user profile in the Community for others to see.  mceclip9.png


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