Gamification Best Practices


A great way to get your Attendees really engaged in the event is to set up Gamification.

Gamification records points for activities completed within the site, which then rewards users with badges. These badges will then list those with the highest points on a Leaderboard. 

This article will outline some of the best practices for Gamification. For help with setting it up, please view our Gamification Admin Overview article.

Please note many gamification tasks are based on the loading of a specific page. In order for a user to get points for these actions, they must load the page. Because of this, it is not recommended to tie badges to "faux" custom pages or left navigation items that direct users to standard Event Cloud pages. 

In the event of a tie for a winner, we recommend randomly selecting from those in the first place to award any prizes to. 


  • When setting up session badges, it is best practice to only include sessions that do not require custom roles to view. Event Cloud does not limit visibility for gamification tasks based on custom roles. Please visit our custom roles article for more information.
  • Be specific when naming and creating badge titles. For example, if you have two sessions with the same name, that take place on different dates, you will want to specify what day the badge is for. An example could be a badge titled "Session Name: Day 2".
  • It is best practice to include specific instructions for earning badges. For example, if you are creating a badge that must be earned at a specific date or time slot, please include this information in the badge description. This will help attendees know when they will need to visit a page to earn a badge.
  • Actions associated with default badges cannot be edited. If renaming these badges, keep your name clear and concise.


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