Syncing Event Cloud user profiles with your registration system

After a user registers for your event, Event Cloud needs to know what to do with the information they submitted during the registration process. This spreadsheet is where you will capture information such as:

  • Where in Event Cloud should we put the information you have collected?
  • Which fields in your registration system correspond to which fields in Event Cloud?

As you fill out the attached spreadsheet (located at the end of this article), ask yourself the question: When I look at an Event Cloud Profile, where do I want to see my registration values appear?


For each field, enter what you call the field, what your registration provider’s API calls the field, and which Event Cloud field it should correspond to. Event Cloud requires mappings for these four fields:

  • AttendeeId
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Other than those required fields, you can add any other fields you’d like to map to Event Cloud.

Standard Roles

Event Cloud grants permissions to access different pages and features of the event site based on a user’s roles within Event Cloud. We need to know which fields in your registration system correspond to these Standard Roles in Event Cloud:

  • Admin
  • Attendee
  • Expo
  • Session Owner
  • Speaker
  • Speaker Assistant
  • Staffer
  • Staffing Lead
  • Track Owner

One or more of your API fields can correspond to one or more of Event Cloud’s roles.

NOTE: When the user record comes over the Event Cloud Standard roles are applied one time.  If they are changed in registration after they are brought over the standard roles are not updated in Event Cloud.  This is by design so that standard role changes are always made in Event Cloud by the event admins.   

Custom Roles

We also need to know which fields in your registration system correspond to any Custom Roles you created in Event Cloud. You will need at least one custom role if you want to use Meetings.



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