How to Upload and Set up Videos for YouTube/Vimeo

Event Cloud supports embedded video players through a variety of video-hosting providers, including YouTube and Vimeo. Here we will detail the upload process and well as recommending some settings for getting the best performance out of Event Cloud.


1. Log into  VimeoLogo.png
2. Once logged in, navigate to New Video: NewVideoDropDown.png
3. Click Upload: ClickUploadVideo.jpg
4. Once there, choose a privacy setting. We recommend public or private (anyone with a link can view) ChoosePrivacySetting.png
5. Then, select Or choose files and choose the video(s) you would like to upload. They can also be dragged and dropped. ChooseFiles.png
6. Afterwards, the video will begin uploading. When it is finished you can grab the Vimeo ID from the URL and save it for embedding in Event Cloud. VidIDVimeo.png
7. Back at the homepage, click Videos. Then find and click on the video you would like to set up to be taken to the settings page. VimeoHomePage.png
8. Once you have clicked on a video, navigate to the Embed tab: ClickEmbed.png

9. Change the settings as desired.


(We recommend these settings for optimal performance out of Event Cloud).


Please note: The setting, "Where can this be embedded?" under General needs to be set to Anywhere or Specific Domains for embedding videos into Event Cloud.



1. Sign in to  YoutubeLogo.png
2. Click the small Video Camera button near the top right of the window and select Upload Video



3. Click Select Files and select the files to be uploaded. ClickSelectFiles.png
4. On the next screen, put in any desired details and make sure Allow Embedding is enabled so that they can be embedded inside of Event Cloud. AllowEmbedding.png
5. When done, hit Next, repeat this process with Video elements and Visibility then click Save. SaveYoutubeVid.png

Once the video is published the ID can be grabbed from the video link in the pop-up window


Or the page URL as well


Embedding into Event Cloud

Once done with everything, the final step is to pop the video ID into the Event Cloud platform. In order to find out how we recommend checking out our article on embedding videos in sessions here: How to Embed a Video in a Session

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