Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - Survey Fields With Multi-Select Checkboxes Set to Text Areas Do Not Capture All Information - TFS #10886

Feature Issue

If a survey question consists of multi-select checkboxes that have been enabled to be open text areas, the last entered piece of data is lost unless all four text areas are filled out. For example - if only the first one is filled, it will not be captured in reporting. If one and two are filled out, only one will be captured in reporting.


Steps to Recreate

1. Navigate to tools > Surveys in Studio webcasting
2. Create a multi-select checkbox survey question consisting of four answers options.
3. In the field, add a space or another character to bring up the text entry icon on the right
4. Select text area
5. Save the survey
6. Trigger the survey by adding it to a webcast panel or as an exit action.
7. Only select the boxes for and provide responses in the first three options leaving the last answer option unanswered.
8. Navigate to the data portal and look at the survey reporting
9. The last entered response will only be represented by a dash (1) character in reporting.
If possible, only enable a Text Entry option in a multi-select Survey question as the last option instead of an option in all 4 selections.
Cause & Fix

TFS# 10886 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate the issue. Once Testing is complete, product management will review for a release date assignment.

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