Feature Issue: VIRUTAL EVENTS - PDF issue on iPads - TFS# 11214

Feature Issue

When linking a PDF document on the navigation toolbar that uses the Action Target set as the default (ShowFloorFrame), the PDF will open within the event, however it will only display the 1st page and will not be scrollable. When you select to open the PDF in a new window it works as expected. This behavior is only experienced on iPads.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Create a Virtual Event.
  2. Upload a multi-page PDF document in CMS and copy the destination URL.
  3. In Navigation, create a custom menu item, Insert the PDF url of the hosted file into the Action URL area. Insert the text ShowFloorFrame into the Action Target or leave blank (default).
  4. Save Changes and access the event as an attendee using an iPad.
  5. The PDF will only display the first page and will not scroll. 


The hosted PDF should have an Action Target as _blank so that it will open in a new window.

Cause & Fix

TFS#11214 has been entered for this issue. This has been reviewed and confirmed by QA and currently under Product Management review for a release date.

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