Feature Issue: STUDIO - Email alert reverting the filter when copying from a template - TFS #9796

Feature Issue

When copying a webcast from a template the email alert reverts the filter to “attended this webcast” instead of “Registered for this Webcast”.

To Replicate:

  • Create a webcast with today's date on, set the time around 2h 10m ahead.
  • Create 2h or 1h reminder alert, set it to relative date, set the trigger to 2h/1h prior to the event and change the recipient list to registrants that have registered for the webcast and save.
  • Register a couple of dummy accounts, preview the recipient list make sure they are on there and wait for the schedule task to trigger and run.
  • Save the webcast as a template and lock it.
  • Create a new webcast using the template you have created with today's date on, set the time around 2h 10m ahead, the alert gets copied over but it reverts the recipient filter to people that previously attended instead of keeping the original one so when the task runs it sends to 0 recipients. 


Data Center(s) Impacted



Users will need to manually change the email filter of emails after creating a webcast from a template.

Cause & Fix

TFS #9796 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate the issue. Once testing is complete, Product Management will review for a release date assignment.

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