Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS - 3D Template Theater Host Space sort type Start Time not ordering correctly on Mobile View - TFS #12313

Feature Issue 

In the 3D Template, Theater Host Space Sort type: Start Time not ordering correctly on Mobile View when the presentation's date range is across two months where the count of days in the first month is longer than the one that follows.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Create a 3D Event
  2. Navigate to Host Space
  3. Edit the Theater Host Space, create a track, and add a couple of presentations dated between the end of January and the beginning of February.
  4. Set the Sort Type to Start Time.
  5. Log in to the VX environment, navigate to Theater, they should be all displaying the correct order.
  6. Log in the event on Mobile View (using an Android/IOS or browser device toolbar tool ) and notice they are no longer ordered correctly.



Data Centers Impacted






Display Order filter can be used instead as this seems to be working fine on mobile view.


Cause & Fix


TFS# 12313 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate the issue.  Once Testing is complete, product management will review for a release date assignment.

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