Feature Issue: STUDIO - Unable to open some handout URL's on Android Mobile Phones - TFS# 12333

Feature Issue

When opening a web page handout on an Android phone you will receive an error which shows the page is unable to load. The web page handout uploaded will open fine on Desktop and iOS based devices.

To Replicate

  1. Create a new Studio Event and have it available to be accessed.
  2. Add a new Web Page handout and insert a URL (https://www.google.com)  for the handout.
  3. Access the Login URL on your Android Mobile Device
  4. Go to Handouts and attempt to View the Handout URL.
  5. You may see a prompt that will say "clicking 'Ok' will stop the webcast and open a new window for access (See image below)


The URL will attempt to load and then give a "sad webpage" Icon and fail to load




The web page handout will not open on an Android phone if the website is configured to block being opened within an iFrame. If the web page does allow being opened within an iFrame, the issue does not exist. 


Data Center(s) Impacted


Cause and Fix:

TFS#12333  has been entered for this issue. Reviewed and confirmed by QA and currently under Product Management review for a release date.


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