Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - registrations via API that contain double quotes in name value will break Studio webcast for specific user - TFS #12324

Feature Issue 

When registering users with double quotes in their name value, the registrant's studio webcast link will load a blank page.  Creating and registering users with double quotes in their name can only be done via API.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create and register a user, with double quotes in the name for a Studio webcast via API.
  2. Log in to Studio webcast with the registrant you just created.
  3. When the webcast loads, it will just load a blank page.


Data Center(s) Impacted 



Use single quotes instead of double quotes.

If user is already registered with double quotes, then update the double quotes to single quotes or remove quotes altogether.

Cause & Fix

TFS #12324 has been created and QA has created the issue. Product Management will review for a release date assignment.


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