Feature Issue: STUDIO WEBCASTING - Stock Attendance Report Returning No Data if Attendee is Logged Into Webcast - TFS #12257

Feature Issue

The stock attendance report in Studio Webcasting is returning no data for webcasts where an attendee is still logged in. If no attendees are online, it will correctly return data.


Steps to Recreate:

  • Create a Studio webcast and as an admin, begin the webcast
  • In another browser, register as an attendee and join the webcast (for more results, have multiple attendees register and join)
  • As the admin user, end the webcast and place it on-demand
  • As the attendee, log out of the webcast and then back in or refresh the browser to view the webcast on-demand
  • As the admin user, navigate to the webcast data portal, click "Attendance", and then click the "Total Unique Viewers" graphic


  • The exported report will be blank
  • As the attendee, exit the webcast
  • As the admin user, follow the steps to download the attendance report again
  • The exported report will show users who joined
  • Alternatively, this can be recreated by having an attendee join a past webcast that is on-demand and pulling the report. It will return a blank report.


Data Centers Impacted




This data can be pulled from the dashboard or report builder instead.



Cause & Fix

TFS # 12257 has been entered for this issue.  QA has tested and recreated the issue.  Product management will review for a release date assignment.

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