Feature Issue: STUDIO & VIRTUAL EVENTS (VX) - Broken thumbnail images in CMS - TFS #8658

Feature Issue


The default icon which is used when there is no thumbnail was broken recently when an environment variable was changed to serve these icons through the CDN. The code in this very old area was not adjusted for this change, so all default icons in the content browser are broken now.

Also, folders with a lot of content are taking a very long time to load thumbnails, if they load at all. Many thumbnails will appear blank in the CMS.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Enter any tenant and open the CMS
  2. Upload a video file to any folder. Do not convert the file if prompted.
  3. Confirm that the default thumbnail image does not appear


Data Centers Impacted




Cause & Fix

TFS# 8658 has been entered for this issue. QA is testing to recreate the issue.  Once Testing is complete, product management will review for a release date assignment.


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