Feature Issue: VIRTUAL EVENTS - Studio Presentation Bitrate & Frame Size not saving upon closing the console. Reverts the bitrate value to blank & frame size to 360p. - TFS #11876

Feature Issue:

VX Studio Presentation Bitrate & Framesize not saving upon closing the console, it reverts the bitrate value to blank and the frame size to 360p.

Steps to Re-create:

  1. Log In the VX.
  2. Navigate to content structure, create a studio presentation.
  3. Create a Studio Admin staffer, log in the webcast.
  4. Set the Frame-Size and/or Bitrate to the desired value, press Save.
  5. mceclip0.png
  6. While configuring the VE an admin may select “Submit” under the Content Structure tab.
  7. Re-open the presentation, add an extra staffer/description/anything then log in the console as admin.
  8. mceclip1.png
  9. Observe the settings values.

Data Center(s) Impacted:

Both US & APAC



Set up the desired values right before the kick-off and start the webcasts, it will broadcast at the chosen values.

Cause & Fix:

TFS # 11876 has been created.Reviewed and confirmed by QA and currently under Product Management review for a release date.




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