Feature Issue: STUDIO & VIRTUAL EVENTS (VX) - Messaging emails 'view in browser' link page does not display merge variables properly - TFS #12231

Steps to Recreate 

  1. Enter a studio event.
  2. Navigate to Messaging tab.
  3. Click into any messaging email (we'll use registration confirmation email in this case).
  4. Check to make sure there are some merge variables in the email.
  5. Launch registration page and register for event and wait for registration email to arrive in your inbox.
  6. Open registration confirm email and then click on the "Email not displaying correctly?  View in your browser" link
  7. Confirm that all the merge variables are not pulling in data and instead showing the merge variable name instead.  


Screenshot of email when 'view in browser' is clicked - 





It should show values like this (from email application) - 





Data Centers Impacted 




Remove view in browser link and use email application view until this is fixed.


Cause & Fix 

TFS#12231 has been entered for this issue.  QA team has confirmed the issue.  Product management will review for a release date assignment.

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