Feature Issue: VIDEO PORTALS - Program Wizard invite email filter automatically sending to All Users - TFS #7723

Feature Issue 

On the Video Portal - The program wizard invite filter “All users who did not attend this program (RSPV Optional)” is not saving properly. After saving, the filter is automatically changing to All Users and sending the email to all users in the tenant when delivered.


Steps to recreate:

  1. Enter a video portal environment as a system user
  2.  Programs > Select Program > Invites > Invite Existing Audience
  3. Create new email > Select any email template > Do not select triggered checkbox > Apply
  4. Scheduling > Add a new scheduled delivery > Set send on date/time to 2 days in the future at 5pm
  5. Select “All users who did not attend this program (RSPV Optional)”
  6. Select “No Response” from drop down menu


  1. Preview recipients and confirm total users
  2. Save and click Ok when prompted
  3. Drop down menu to view this newly created delivery and see filter has been changed to All Users.


  1. Preview recipients and confirm list includes all attendees in the ten.




Data Center(s) Impacted



Cause & Fix

TFS # 7723 has been entered.  QA is testing to recreate the issue.  Once Testing is complete, product management will review for a release date assignment.

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